Kilwin’s, Petoskey Michigan

Last month, my college roommate and I took a girls’ weekend up to Northern Michigan.  There will be several posts coming about the trip.  We were going through Petoskey, and my Mom asked me to pick her up another one of these, since she loves marshmallow.img_4276

We stopped at the new home base/factory of Kilwins.  Kilwin’s home page.  There are several locations across the country.  My friend loves chocolate so this was a natural stop.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate (as in I will always chose the other option), but I do like taffy and some other candies.  Isn’t their new store pretty?


We took the free tour, and here’s a sample of their top sellers.img_0015

We arrived just after opening.  Everyone was getting started.


Look at how big those bars of chocolate are.


We finished up with a free sample, and of course some shopping.  If you come across a Kilwins, you should stop.

Where do you have to stop when you are traveling?


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