Heads Carolina, Tails California

Yes, I know I’ve been AWOL, but it hasn’t been without some gain.  I’ve learned how to schedule posts.  For example, I can do several posts tonight  and save them to be released at later times.  Then when I’m tired I won’t have to start from scratch.

The song for today just reminds me to be open and not worry about everything and to go with the flow.  I would love if this blog eventually covers from Carolina to California.


Hanover Winery

Another Saturday, another football game.  My friend (I should come up with a pseudonym for her) suggested we stop at a winery between here and the school.

We stopped and picked up sandwiches at Alexander’s Market, one of my new favorite lunch places in downtown Hamilton.  Cookie Mousse is like Cookies ‘N’ Cream, my favorite ice cream/


We then drove over to Hanover’s Winery.


I did a tasting, which the server wrote on a card the wines that I sampled – very nice because it can be hard to remember each after 7 tastings!  The wine was very good (and sweet, which I prefer)  The Raspberry Riesling and Mason’s Red were two of my favorites.


We ended up sitting outside to have our lunch by the picnic tables.  Such a pretty fall day.  I will need to take my father back there, as I think he will enjoy it.


Did you go anywhere fun this weekend?

Music Monday

Introducing Music Monday.  On Mondays, I want to share a song or video that talk about exploring the city, state, country. 🙂

We’ll start with the city.  This is Connie Smith’s song “Cincinnati, Ohio.”  I have lived my entire life near the city, and never heard this song until last winter.  We went to the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman (yeah, that was cool to be there rather than the new theater).  Connie Smith came out and sang this song first.  My Mom and I just looked at each other and wondered why we had never heard this before.  I came home and downloaded it because yes, my IPhone isn’t confined to recent music.  I hope you enjoy it.

What song reminds you of your home?

Kilwin’s, Petoskey Michigan

Last month, my college roommate and I took a girls’ weekend up to Northern Michigan.  There will be several posts coming about the trip.  We were going through Petoskey, and my Mom asked me to pick her up another one of these, since she loves marshmallow.img_4276

We stopped at the new home base/factory of Kilwins.  Kilwin’s home page.  There are several locations across the country.  My friend loves chocolate so this was a natural stop.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate (as in I will always chose the other option), but I do like taffy and some other candies.  Isn’t their new store pretty?


We took the free tour, and here’s a sample of their top sellers.img_0015

We arrived just after opening.  Everyone was getting started.


Look at how big those bars of chocolate are.


We finished up with a free sample, and of course some shopping.  If you come across a Kilwins, you should stop.

Where do you have to stop when you are traveling?

Throwback Thursday T-shirt


Thursdays are for throwback photos, right?  We’re going to have a twist on that.  I love to buy t-shirts everywhere I go.  On Thursdays, I’ll be sharing a photo of one and telling a little about it.  It will be on Instagram as well, and I’m still finding out how to link these.

Momentum Outfitters has several stores in Northern Michigan, and I love to stop at one or more when we are visiting.  I bought this at the Traverse City store three years ago during our annual girls’ weekend.  It was so fun to introduce some friends to one of my favorite places.  I’ve joked to friends before that the #puremichigan people should be giving me kickbacks.

Hamilton @ 225

In the past few years, I’ve become fond on Hamilton.  It’s not far from me.  The city has been through some hard times, but it’s coming back.  There are so many hidden pretty places that most of us don’t know exist.

This past week, I saw that this weekend the city would be celebrating it’s 225th birthday with various events.


One of which would be a historical walking tour.  As I mentioned in the first post, I ❤ history.  I convinced my friend to stop with me on the way to the football game on Saturday.


We were a little late so we joined while the tour was meeting Lt. Colonel William Drake.  He didn’t like St. Clair, and I believe a county north of here is named after him.


While the sky was overcast, it didn’t discourage the musicians.


Next, we met Major General Richard Butler, the namesake of the county.  He was killed a few weeks after Ft. Hamilton was created in an attack by the Indians.  He, also, didn’t like Governor St. Clair, mentioning how he had abandoned Ft. Ticonderoga.  I’ve been there, but I remember Benedict Arnold more, so that was an interesting piece to add into the history.


Lastly, we met Catherine Miller aka Red Headed Nance.  She is famous for defending herself with a frying pan during the attack that killed Major Butler.  She lost her husband and baby in the battle.  She was a camp follower, which she was quick to point out that most of them were wives with their husbands who cooked and mended, not some other connotation you might have.


She wasn’t thrilled to be in the dangerous Indian territory, including Ft. Washington (now Cincinnati).   When they built Ft. Hamilton, she couldn’t help feeling hopeful as she looked out on the river.  Looking out at the river, I couldn’t help but agree it was a pretty view.


The tour finished up back at the log cabin by the river where we could sample apple pie and cider.  Yummy!


As we walked backed to the car, I couldn’t help notice two more things.

1. The sundial was built in honor of the Grand Army of the Republic from the Civil War.  It was dedicated just a few months before Pearl Harbor, and another long war.


2.  The Butler County Memorial to the Fallen Firefighters.  I read in the paper about the two names being added just recently.


And that’s what we saw in Hamilton on Saturday morning.

I have several more blogs that I will post.  I’m hoping to get one a week posted.  Please comment with your suggestions about where I should go.  Also, have you visited Hamilton lately?  What did you think?