Get to Know Me – Part 1

My friend Teresa at posted this the other day, and I decided to follow suit.  Peer pressure at its best, amiright?  She mentioned favorite books, it reminded my more of slambooks created right after the Sweet Valley High book of the same name came out.

My favorite:

Color: Pink, Purple, Red.  I like “true” colors, rather than muted ones.

Flower: IDK?  They all die around me.

Animal: Dogs, if you didn’t guess because most of the blog posts here are about the Iditarod. 🙂

Food: Seafood (crab, lobster, shrimp) LaRosa’s pizza

Drink: Lemonade with another fruit, Baja Blast.  I know I drink way too much Diet Mountain Dew, but I don’t like coffee but I do like caffeine.

Season: Summer or Fall.  When I’m traveling or doing something besides work.

Holiday: Christmas – I love the decorations and presents.  Also, I like Palm Sunday better than Easter.  There’s really great hymns, usually with brass, there’s palms to wave. We’re celebrating at church with our family versus those who just show up for Easter and crowd everyone together while you are wearing a new scratchy outfit.  Probably why a former minister commented that you can tell I grew up in the church.

Game: Angry Birds Pop or Angry Birds Match.  I probably should say a board game, if so Trivial Pursuit because I’m awesome at it, and I like to win.

Music/song/musician: Tobymac or for King and Country (Both of who I will be seeing in two weeks at Spirit Song)  Mostly Christian music, and somewhere along the line I started picking up more country.  For me though that’s more old Taylor Swift and Rascal Flats. I know that’s sacrilegious to most country fans.  DC Talk’s In the Light is still my favorite song.  Let’s hope Toby plays it!

Book/author: Laura Ingalls Wilder, LM Montgomery, some Debbie MacComber.  I really go for light things or nonfiction.  John Miller has the best biographies about Laura Ingalls Wilder

Movie/TV/actor:   I don’t know I’ve been watching a lot of Last Man Standing since Pretty Little Liars ended.  Fuller House and Alexa & Kate are probably my favorites on Netflix.  Favorite movie is probably Shag.  I dare you to cast your friends as the characters.

So now you know a little more about me!