One more Alaska post

img_6033.jpgSo I have conflicting feelings about this.  I was in Campus Crusade for Christ in college, so I’m familiar with the 4 Spiritual Laws.  OTOH, I feel like having an actual relationship with a person is a much better was to evangelize and share our faith.

I’ve heard before that people go to major sporting events to pass out tracts to visitors.  When we were in Alaska, we found out that the Iditarod attracts these as well.  Of course they try to strike up a conversation.  Again, I think a friendship is a much better way than random street evangelism.  So what did I do?  I mentioned that our minister was jealous that we were going to the Iditarod start (as he really was) and could I have a copy to take back to him?  I do like the correlation between the race and the Christian walk – just maybe not by random strangers. LLaws. 


North Carolina

Our girls’ weekend is finally here. We’ve been counting down the days. We left today to go down to Asheville. 

Did you know there is a Russell Stover outlet by Severville?  An excellent rest stop. Especially since L is a chocolate freak.  

As we got closer to the destination, we stopped and picked up dinner in Mars Hill. 

We recommend the pulled pork sandwiches!  We arrived at the cabin up a windy road. It’s got a great view and a pretty interior. 

I’ll let you know what we think of the hot tub!

Any Asheville recommendations?

Donut Trail

Butler County has created a donut trail.

Here’s the Enquirer’s coverage:

Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Not going to do them all in one day because sweetness overload.  However, a friend and I are going to try to hit one each week.  We started this week with Martin’s in Trenton.



Here’s the link to the passport if you want to start

Let me know if you do try it!


I think my flight was delayed in hour and a half out of Cincinnati because of weather issues in Chicago. 

I don’t know if you can see all the traffic coming in to O’Hare. They had kicked me off my flight ad put me on one tomorrow after the start of the strategic planning meeting started. But it was delayed so much that I got back on.  I sitting on the floor waiting to board. 

Vote: will I want/need a glass of wine if/when I reach Springfield?

Laurapalooza to pack

Yeah, it’s me your friend with much bigger ideas than actually getting to blog.   I will at least try to keep you updated with the Laurapalooza events.  Laurapalooza being the scholarly conference held by the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association.  As of the beginning of this year, I am a board member so I will bring you all the details.

So to start here is my suggestion of what to pack. (Yes, I need to learn how to edit video)

Here’s a link to the author’s appearing


This brings us to today.  Our last day here.  All flights leave Anchorage around midnight so it’s an odd day with time to kill.  Very hurry up and wait. Especially since we weren’t going to the restart and had to find something to fill the day.

We had breakfast at the hotel and waited around until almost check out time to store our luggage and check out.  We were going to go to a craft show, but I couldn’t find the address again.  Not a big deal, we didn’t really have the space to pack any more.


We did go to an overlook Joanne had told me about last night.  We have had the clearest weather possible, and the mountains, sky, and water….  Pictures speak louder than words.

We went to the Alaska Aviation History museum because my Dad loves air museums.  I don’t think I realized how much went on with the Japanese during WWII in Alaska.  Or that the Russians were using the Lend-Lease act and getting everything through Fairbanks.  We could also go up in the old control tower, so more blue skies and mountains.


With still time to kill, we drove down the Seward Highway.  It was the word beautiful is getting overused.  I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder trying to describe San Francisco and the World’s Fair to Almanzo.  🙂

We stopped for dinner and now are waiting in the lobby to go over to the airport.