One more Alaska post

img_6033.jpgSo I have conflicting feelings about this.  I was in Campus Crusade for Christ in college, so I’m familiar with the 4 Spiritual Laws.  OTOH, I feel like having an actual relationship with a person is a much better was to evangelize and share our faith.

I’ve heard before that people go to major sporting events to pass out tracts to visitors.  When we were in Alaska, we found out that the Iditarod attracts these as well.  Of course they try to strike up a conversation.  Again, I think a friendship is a much better way than random street evangelism.  So what did I do?  I mentioned that our minister was jealous that we were going to the Iditarod start (as he really was) and could I have a copy to take back to him?  I do like the correlation between the race and the Christian walk – just maybe not by random strangers. LLaws.