The Great Adventure

I consider this to be one of my theme songs.  The first verse is how I live my life on way to many days, when I need to focus on the rest of the song.  And finding ways to try to follow God more closely on the many times around the circle.

Enjoy the song and video in all its 1990s awesomeness.



Standing on a corner…

what do you want to say next?

The correct answer here is “Winslow Arizona”

Today’s #MusicMonday is the Eagle’s Take it Easy.  Not only because of the reference to the random town.

But because the town then created a park in honor of it – Standin on the corner park

That’s pretty awesome, right?  And when I think it would be awesome in theory (not sure about the practice) to drive out Route 66, I think this would be a must stop.