This brings us to today.  Our last day here.  All flights leave Anchorage around midnight so it’s an odd day with time to kill.  Very hurry up and wait. Especially since we weren’t going to the restart and had to find something to fill the day.

We had breakfast at the hotel and waited around until almost check out time to store our luggage and check out.  We were going to go to a craft show, but I couldn’t find the address again.  Not a big deal, we didn’t really have the space to pack any more.


We did go to an overlook Joanne had told me about last night.  We have had the clearest weather possible, and the mountains, sky, and water….  Pictures speak louder than words.

We went to the Alaska Aviation History museum because my Dad loves air museums.  I don’t think I realized how much went on with the Japanese during WWII in Alaska.  Or that the Russians were using the Lend-Lease act and getting everything through Fairbanks.  We could also go up in the old control tower, so more blue skies and mountains.


With still time to kill, we drove down the Seward Highway.  It was the word beautiful is getting overused.  I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder trying to describe San Francisco and the World’s Fair to Almanzo.  🙂

We stopped for dinner and now are waiting in the lobby to go over to the airport.


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