Online Friends

After watching the start and stopping at another souvenir store, we went back to the hotel to change out of the boots and bibs.


Every year, I participate in the Idita-support Christmas exchange.  A few years ago, Maureen sent me some Alaska Wildberry candy.  It was jelly filled chocolates and quite good (and I’m not a chocolate fan)  I wanted to go there and get some more.  We found it just a few miles from the hotel.

It had a variety of gifts and was a nice store.  Can’t wait to taste some of it when I get home.

As we came out of the store, I got a text from Roland (Laura Ingalls Wilder online friend from yesterday) that THE Mountain was out and to head over to Earthquake Park.  We did, and it was a grear view (Thank you)  Also, look how deep the snow is compared to the park bench.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Gwennies.  The Idita-support list has a dinner there the day of the Iditarod start every year.  It was so nice to go in person and meet everyone from online.  Joanne who was my Secret Santa year before last; Maureen, Nonna and Fred- he’s run the race and they now live down the street from Libby Riddles.  (First woman of two to ever win the race)  Karin Hendrickson is running the race this year, and her Mom attended our dinner. Gail, who coordinates it every year.  Helen, who posts every mushing article one could possible find. Loved putting faces with names!



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