Lakefront Anchorage

I thought I would share some photos from our room/hotel.  The internet is a little slow, of course, but I have some time.  The first few pictures are blurry but I got better at not moving the camera/

The first night we set the thermostat at 70.  I woke up at 6am, and the room was 85 degrees.  We turned it down, but it wouldn’t cool down until I turned on the A/C.  Yes, I was in Alaska in March in less than 20 degrees with the Air conditioner on.  I saw others had their windows open.img_0245

I thought this little corner when you entered the room was cute.img_0246

How very HGTV.  Did you know these don’t have locks on them, and you can see in slightly?


The rest of the room, the first morning.


I love this tourbus wrap!  Or I love anything with a husky on it.


Those are the kind of icicles that can hurt you when they fall!img_0294

I liked the photos in the lobby.


You know you are in Alaska when there’s 3 bears in the lobby.



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