We arrived in Anchorage and parked around 8am.  There were a lot of handlers out.  Most of the photos of me with the mushers are on my aunt’s camera, so I will have to post them later.  I took more photos of dog trucks.  We walked up and down talking to people as we could without interrupting.  It was 3 degrees when we got there, and it warmed up to 15.  I was surprised how comfortable I was.  I was cool, but not cold.

Dad spent a fair amount of time talking Alan Eischens – have to see how he does in the race!


Good thing about it being cold – I have my hood up so you can’t see what horrible things the headband does to my hair.

We stood right before the starting line so I can could take photos of everyone right before they started.


When I get home, I’ll load them up to the Facebook page and label them better.

Facebook’s GoForth and Explore

We had a snack.


I made it about 3.5 hours before I had to warm up, right after Aliy started.  There was a lot of cheering for her.

We did a little shopping, and the rest of the day will be the next entry.  It’s time to go to the craft fair.



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