We did finally leave the hotel after breakfast, King crab & shrimp omelette.  I love seafood, and will eat it whenever I have an excuse.  I published a photo of some mountains, which a friend corrected me that they were just mountains not The mountain, oh well, still pretty.


I have to say when we were here in 2009.  I wasn’t that impressed with Alaska.  It was rainy, and it just wasn’t that much different than the US Rockies, and the Canadian Rockies were still the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  Alaska in the winter gives them a run for the money.

We went to the Ulu knife store to get my Dad a replacement for the knife he lost after the first trip.  When we get back, I should share my photos of all my souvenirs.  We saw Ken Anderson’s dogs being dropped.  I remember him because he has the same name as the quarterback. 🙂 Then we saw the snow sculptures across the street.


We went up to 4th Avenue to scout out where the start would be and shop some more.

Then we met up with one of my Laurapalooza friends for awhile at the Fur Rondy Carnival.  He gave us great suggestions, including dinner at Artic Roadrunner, where I had a salmon burger (more fish)


We came back to the hotel, and we keep taking photos out the car windows (no I don’t while I’m driving)  Also, the Subaru compact SUV we have is not the most comfortable car I’ve ever been in.



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