Wade & Aliy

I have to share two things from the Musher’s Banquet last night.  As the Iditarod is a very niche event, the people who are rock stars to those who follow it are unknown to most people.  Which means that they are fairly down to earth, normal people.

We went over last night to join the line of people getting autographs.  Walking away from the line was a man in gray that I recognized.  I went up to him, and said “You’re Wade.  Can you sign my book?  You’re one of my favorites!”  He was very nice while he signed my book.


This is Laura Neese, a rookie, from Michigan.  She did really well in the Yukon Quest last year.  She trains at a kennel in the UP.  I’m trying to convince Dad that we want to go there on vacation.

I did get Aliy Zirkle’s autograph.  She’s been in the top 3 each of the last 5 years, but hasn’t won.  Everyone thinks she’s going to be the next woman to win.  A woman hasn’t won since Susan Butcher last won in 1991.  My best friend is a really big fan.  My plan was to get something signed by Aliy to bring home to her.  I told Aliy it was my goal, and she offered to sign something besides the program and we looked around, but didn’t have anything.  But she was totally sweet about it, which is what everyone says about her.


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