Last post of the day

I’ve been up for 22 1/2 hours, and I’m almost dizzy for being tired.  But I’m going to press on and bring you the last post tonight.  Tomorrow I think I’ll add tags when I can think.

So it was a rough flight out after leaving 40 minutes late. Also, 5.5 hour flights are my limit I think.  When we landed, it was like we hit ice, slid, and corrected it.  The airport was practically closed when we arrived.  I went and got the rental car, and had a bunch of problems getting to them and getting the luggage loaded.  I can’t say I was in a good mood during the whole time.

You know what?  Pictures will be added tomorrow, I’m not going to make it to adding the ones from my camera and phone to the computer and uploading them tonight.

We did get to the hotel (maybe another blog) and got checked in and the luggage up to Mom and Dad’s room  We left for the banquet. The food was quite good, but I wish I knew what kind of salad dressing it was.  Nice couple at our table that Dad and I talked quite a bit .  Another woman loaned me her pen, and then left before I could return it.  Got plenty of autographs.  Including two stories about Aliy and Wade that will be tomorrow.  I won two things at the silent auction that I will share as well.

The first is the convention center, and the second is the the centerpiece.  I didn’t see ones from one of my Laurapalooza friends.  I’ll have to ask her for the pattern now instead of taking one.  Now we are back at the room, and I much get some sleep.




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